Week in review, new design & new features!

This week has been pretty productive, so here’s the run down!

1. Redesign. Every few months I get an itch to do a redesign, and this week was the week. Earlier this week I pushed out the basic changes, a fixed width clean white layout. I got a good amount of feedback and yesterday pushed out some tweaks, mainly the switch from fixed width to full width.

2. Following the release of the white layout, users suggested adding a “Dim The Lights” feature. So now you can use the dropdown in the top right to toggle the dark version of tubalr.

3. Two new tabs have been added to the home page. Say hello to the “What’s Hot” and “Recommended” tabs.

The “What’s Hot” tab consists of the top 15 artists for the top 13 genres.

The “Recommended” tab is similar; however, it shows the top 10 artists for your favorite genres and is only usable for registered users. Registered users can visit their settings page to set their favorite genres.

Anyways, thats it, enjoy! If you have any suggestions or feedback shoot me an email at listen.to.tubalr@gmail.com!

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