Tubalr Now Supports Scrobbling

It’s been a requested feature for a while now, so I’m happy to officially announce that Tubalr supports Last.FM Scrobbling!

To get started:

  1. You must be a registered user… so if you’re not, go sign up.
  2. Once singed in, head to your settings page and click the “Grant Last.FM Access” button in the “Last.FM” section(at the bottom).
  3. That will redirect you to Last.FM, from there click the “Yes, allow access” button.
  4. After that, you’re done. You’ll be redirected back to tubalr to go about your normal business!

Once connected, any video that you watch in full(start to finish) will show up in your Last.FM history. Your profile will also be updated to show the video you’re currently watching after 10 seconds of watching.

Enjoy! As always feel free to contact me at, listen.to.tubalr@gmail.com, with any problems or whatever else you may need.


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