Open Sourcing the Tubalr iOS App

Around 4 months ago I made a post reaching out to the public for anyone interested in working on the iOS app. I got tons of emails from developers that wanted to take on the challenge and ended up picking a developer & designer duo. The duo got to work the next day, and basically within a month had a working app and a super solid design.

Sometime in the next month the developer had to stop working on the app and left the app in a weird limbo. Weird because it was practically 90%(? random high percentage) finished and I had no clue where to start.

I’ve made a few changes myself and a buddy did a good amount of work on the “Now Playing” feature. But now I’d like to take the app in a new direction by open sourcing the project and inviting anyone who’d like to work on it, to do so.

I’ve already paid for the developer license for when the app is ready to head to the app store. When that actually happens is going to be determined by when the GitHub issues tagged as “do for first release” are complete(knowing that more may be added).

Anyways, if this project interests you please head over to the Tubalr iOS GitHub Repo and jump in!

Full Disclaimer: I’m completely new to iOS development and will do my best to maintain this project as best I can and learn from the community that hopefully builds around it.

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