Calling All Android Users: Open Alpha!

Alright, I’m super excited to be able to invite you guys to alpha test the official Android app! But before you get to excited let’s go over a few things:

The only features that currently work are:

  • Just and Similar searches. Tap the search icon in the top bar to open the modal.
  • The features that work on the playlist view are: play/pause, next/previous, seeking to a new place in a song (via clicking), and tapping a new song to play in the playlist.
  • The app still needs a lot of bugs squashed and featured completed. So let us know everything you find, but please be nice ;)

Ok, now that you know the above, let’s do this. Head here to download the app

Send all bugs, feature request, or whatever else to Feel free to make use of /r/tubalr as well!

Final note, the app is being developed by Iheanyi Ekechukwu, check him out here: website, @kwuchu, Facebook

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