Introducing DJ Mode!

Happy Monday Everyone. Today I’m happy to officially announce a really cool feature that’s been in the works for the past couple days, DJ Mode!

The Short Description

Signed in users can click the “Enter DJ Mode” button at any time and start broadcasting what they’re listening to and chat with their listeners.

The How To

  1. Sign In
  2. Do a search or load up a playlist of yours.
  3. Click the “Enter DJ Mode”.
  4. Share your URL(located below the player).
  5. Chat with your listeners and continue jamming out.

More Details

  • While in DJ Mode there’s no pausing on either side, DJ or Listener.
  • While in DJ Mode if you seek ahead, your listeners will not be updated. So I’d advise not doing this to stay in sync.
  • Changing the song at any time will change the song for your listeners.
  • Only signed in users can chat.
  • You will only see a join/part message in the chat window from signed in users.
  • As a DJ you can drag around videos in your playlist to sort your playlist
  • As a DJ you can click the “Mix in Videos” button to add new songs to your playlist.
  • In DJ mode there are 3 tabs, ‘Playlist’, ‘Chat’, and ‘Listeners’.
  • In Listener mode there are 2 tabs, ‘Chat’ and ‘Listeners’.
  • The ‘Listeners’ tab has a live count of the currently connected users next to it’s icon and a houses a list of connected users.
  • The ‘Chat’ tab is a live chat for signed in users to keep each other company, request songs, or talk about whatever

Thanks To

This feature has been in my head for a long time now, and it has finally came to life with the lead of my buddy John on the backend services, so thanks a lot man! I’d also like to thank another friend, Jake, for leading the development of the “Mix in Videos” feature. It’s an awesome way to add new videos to your current playlist without interruption. Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank all the users who came out during testing sessions and gave their feedback.

- Cody

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