I need an iOS developer.

EDIT: An iOS developer has been found, say hello to Chad Zeluff!


A month ago Tubalr landed on the front page of the internet (reddit) and the number one feature requested was to develop a mobile app. So I started thinking about how to do that. I talked to a few dev shops that were interested in working with me, but the conversations never went anywhere past the first email. At one point I was super close to landing a seed round that would have allowed me to hire an iOS developer… that fell through. So now I’m here, still looking for an iOS developer.

What exactly do I need?

Someone (or team) who has been there done that. Meaning, someone who has developed and launched iOS apps. You will be matching functionality of Tubalr’s web version and will be responsible for up-keeping the mobile version. I need someone who is ready to get the ball rolling ASAP, a go getter, someone with passion. If you are a pro at UI/design, that’s a plus, but I’ll be able to step in and work on that if you’re not the best or want the help.

What’s in it for you?

Well, I can’t offer you money or options. Tubalr’s not a company, it’s simply a passion. What I can offer you is the opportunity to write an app that’s got a solid following and traction. This past year it was seen by 700,000 unique visitors and had over 3,000,000 pageviews. This past year it’s also seen the front page of: Mashable, TechCrunch, The Verge, The Next Web, Fast Company, LifeHacker, CNETReddit, and several other notable media outlets. You will get full credit for writing the mobile version and be considered Tubalr’s “mobile dude.” If anything more were to come out of Tubalr, we would handle that fairly, without a doubt.

Is this you?

If this sounds like you, please email me at listen.to.tubalr@gmail.com and tell me a little about yourself. Send over an app or two that you have in the app store and anything else that you think I need to know.

NOTE: I welcome any Android developers who want to make an Android version, all the above applies equally!

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